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Re: YA call for snapshot testing

Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

>> > This problem is killing me.  I'm currently looking msysgit + GnuWin32
>> > because I just can't take the crashes of bash.exe and git.exe anymore.
>> > In my testing, so far, I've never seen msysgit or the bash that comes
>> > with it crash.  Why is it that cygwin has this problem but msysgit
>> > does not?  It's an honest question and I'm not trying to be
>> > provocative.  I've been a cygwin user since before Red Hat acquired
>> > them, and the above statement makes me really sad.
>> Have you tried running rebaseall?  

Absolutely.  After updating cygwin, I reboot and run rebaseall -v
first thing.

>> If not, install the rebase package and
>> read its README to get the proper procedure for running rebaseall.  This
>> is a classic error message indicating colliding DLL addresses.  Rebaseall
>> (and sometimes peflags) are the prescribed solution in these cases.
>> If that doesn't solve the problem, a complete problem report would be
>> helpful.

I have no idea how to make a reproducible test case of my system,
composed of 50+ repos, is large and not open source.  We have shell
scripts that we use to apply git commands to each repo.

One thing I've mentioned before: the problem became much worse when we
switched development to a 16-core machine.  It's running Server 2008

Does anyone at Red Hat run on such a large-core machine?

The machine has been memtested, btw, and msysgit on the exact same
repos operates flawlessly, in my tests so far.  All other non-cygwin
software on the machine works perfectly, too.

If you think a bug report without a reproducible test case would be
useful, let me know what info I can provide.



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