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W7 and rebase [was "YA call for snapshot testing"]

marco atzeri sent the following at Friday, January 20, 2012 3:49 AM
>my 2c$ : As rebaseall is almost mandatory on W7/64 and we are always
>suggesting it to anyone with fork problem,

My box was upgraded from XP Pro to W7 a couple of months ago.  At the
beginning I was getting fork errors all the time when running scripts.
It eventually went away (mostly*), though I don't remember whether it
was as a result of something that knowingly did I did.

(* It is now rare enough to not be a problem in practice.  I'll kill
the script and start over.)

The old guidance was that one shouldn't rebase unless one is told to.
My question is whether that has changed.  Is it now, "rebase if you
have W7"?


For the record, after the switch from XP to W7 I had another problem.
I had the windows and system32 directories at the end of my path.  When
running scripts, bash could sometimes miss /bin/sort and end up using
Windows' sort.  It was intermittant and did not always happen at the
same place in the script.  Bizzarre!

I fixed it by taking windows and system32 out of my path.

No action requested, but I thought I'd mention it as a datum in case
it comes up again for someone else.

- Barry
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