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Re: What Package Contains the cw (Color Wrapper) Software

I may have mis-spoke.  No proxy settings are actually configured in the
browser but stringent security filtering is in place.  The way the network
here is configured, it will not allow it.  No error and no list of mirrors
comes up.

I have already used this alternative ftp method to install another test
package on my local repository and it seemed to work ok that way.  Can you
tell me which directory it would be in out of the file and directory list
on the ftp site?


On 01/27/2012 03:43 PM, wrote:
> Oops.  I'm signed up as digest and I forgot to include the subject "RE: "
> on the prev post.
>> Thank you Larry!
>> My problem is I am trying to download it via ftp rather than Cygwin's
>> Setup.exe and I cannot find it on the ftp site.  (I am limited by a proxy
>> server from using Cygwin's setup.ext to find it directly).

My understanding is that if you can get to one of the Cygwin mirrors
with your web browser, you can get there with Cygwin's setup program.
What error did you get when you tried to use the proxy support in the
setup program?


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