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Re: "git clone" over ssh fails intermittently w/snapshot 20120123

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 02:32:54PM -0800, Kevin Layer wrote:
>I don't know what happened to the email in transit, but much
>information at the head of the email was chopped off.  From my outbox,
>here's the missing bit:
>This is the failure mode:
>$ rm -fr test; git clone git:/repo/git/composer test
>Cloning into test...
>fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly
>fatal: early EOF
>fatal: index-pack failed
>That is not using the git protocol.  The machine is called `git'.
>It fails most of the time, but it definitely works sometimes, and even
>has stretches of successes.
>At first, I thought it was isolated to large repos, but it definitely
>happened on some smaller ones.

You really haven't provided any details beyond "git clone doesn't work"
along with cygcheck output.

You've previously reported that git worked great.  What changed?

What is the server that you're cloning from?  Another windows machine
running Cygwin?  A linux box?  Solaris?

What does "large repo" mean to you?  I just tried this on the gcc repo
which is, from my point of view, pretty big.  The clone succeeded without

Where is the server located?  Is it on a local network or is it from
somewhere on the internet?

>From my reading of the git documentation, using the host:/path syntax
means you're using ssh to connect to the other machine.  Have you
checked the logs of the server to see if anything is reported?

Is this new behavior just seen with this snapshot or is it something you
noticed in 1.7.9?  If you've just seen it in the latest snapshot it
would be useful (as I've previously pleaded) to know in which snapshot
the bad behavior first showed up.

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