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Re: "git clone" over ssh fails intermittently w/snapshot 20120123

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 08:05:46AM -0800, Kevin Layer wrote:
>Christopher Faylor wrote:
>>> Is this new behavior just seen with this snapshot or is it something you
>>> noticed in 1.7.9?  If you've just seen it in the latest snapshot it
>>> would be useful (as I've previously pleaded) to know in which snapshot
>>> the bad behavior first showed up.
>Never seen until the snapshot was installed.

That isn't precise enough.  Are you saying that you saw the problem in
the 2012-01-23 snapshot but not in the 2012-01-22 snapshot?  I'll bet
that you aren't.  If you think this is a problem only manifested in
snapshots then we need to know which snapshot first had the problem.

>More info:
>Before the failure, I had removed and reinstalled cygwin, then
>installed the snapshot.  The machine on which git works was upgraded
>little at a time.

OTOH, "little at a time" might mean that you stepped through snapshots.
However, since the only change to 2012-01-23 was to tweak fifos and, as
far as I know, git clone doesn't use a fifo, it's hard to see why there
would be a regression in 2012-01-23.


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