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Re: update of source packages

On 1/29/2012 5:09 AM, Franz Fehringer wrote:

I routinely update my Cygwin installation by simple selecting install at
the top level in the Cygwin installer.
With this "give me all" approach there are some packages lying around i
never use (lilypond, clamav ...) but thats not an issue for me and i
consider not having to explicitely select packages comfortable.
But there is one glitch with this approach and it is that the source
packages are installed over and over again (and some of them are quite
large like qt, boost or the mingw compiler sources) even in case of not
a single change.
What i see in the installer is that these source packages have no
version attached to them, so this might be the problem.
Will this change in the future and is there some way to circumvent this
repeated installation of source packages in the meantime?

Running 'setup.exe' and clicking on "All" until "Install" shows up does not check the "Src?" control of any package for me. Maybe you selected all source in a previous run?



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