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Weird behavior of tcsh.exe?

Hi, I'm not sure if this is a bug or some kind of feature, but it seems like
the behavior of tcsh.exe somewhat depends on its file name.
running the line: 
tcsh.exe -c 'echo "d:\a\b\c"' 
results in the output: "d". As if escaping of the argument occurred.
if i copy tcsh.exe to a different name not starting with tcsh.exe, for
example ntcsh.exe, then running:
ntcsh.exe -c 'echo "d:\a\b\c"' 
results in the output: "d:\a\b\c"
Is this intentional? (Are there inside the code of tcsh.exe some lines that
actually check its filename and determine its behavior accordingly?)

The reason this is important is that in older versions of cygwin, csh.exe
was a copy of tcsh.exe, and now it seem to be a soft link to it. when it is
a soft link, behavior or running scripts seem to be as if running them with
tcsh.exe file name. before that the behavior was as if running it with a
different name - csh.exe, and no escaping of parameters occurred. So this
causes some incompatibilities..

(cygwin ver. 1.7.10, tcsh ver 6.18.00)
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