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Re: GCJ related questions

On 2012-04-03 23:59, Charles Wilson wrote:
1) Licensing. If you want to discuss this bit further, take it to the
cygwin-licensing list. Now, ecj is under the EFL-1.0 license, which is
OSI-approved. So, *cygwin* shouldn't have any license compatibility
concerns, thanks to cygwin's "exception" clause in its version of the GPL:

A Java jar is not linked against Cygwin in any way, so that was never an issue.

However, it's not clear whether the *gcc* folks are as happy about
co-shipping ecj (if they were, then they would be doing it already).

You mean shipping their own copy of ecj? Best practice is *not* to bundle code.

So, stock gcc doesn't directly include ecj even though you'd need it for a
working gcj (bytecode) compiler.

Of course not, it is meant to be handled like any other external dependency.

2) self-hosting. I seem to recall there was some issue with actually
building ecj using cygwin-gcc/gcj, but the details are fuzzy. So there
was some reluctance to include a "binary blob" we can't reproduce from
source; better to let end-users d/l so they can blame "those guys" if
they get a corrupt/malware version?

Now *this* is an issue. Building ecj from sources requires ant, whose optional components add a lot of build-time dependencies. However, it is possible with Ports' Java stack, which allows Ports to provide the java-ecj package.


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