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Re: SOCKS without SSH?

On 4/4/2012 11:49 PM, Marilo wrote:
I mean, purely within what is available in Cygwin, what is available to do it?

There is no standalone SOCKS proxy server in the Cygwin distribution.

If you had to have something that ran "natively" under Cygwin you'd have to build it yourself from source code. These look like they should do the job:

I'm not endorsing either, because the last time I used SOCKS was when I was also using Windows NT 3.51, and the server I used back then doesn't even exist any more. (NEC -> Permeo -> Blue Coat -> oblivion.)

While I could look to install something natively, I ask, within
cygwin, because i'm interested in learning the cygwin tool, and
familiarising myself more with the large array of common *nix
commands it presents.

That's an admirable sentiment, but there's not much about a SOCKS server that would benefit from running under Cygwin:

- A SOCKS server doesn't access the disk to speak of, once it's running, so it doesn't need POSIX filesystem emulation.

- You haven't already selected a server, so it's not like you're stuck with one that doesn't have a native Windows port, so you need Cygwin to port it over.

- A SOCKS server is purely a network proxy, so it doesn't necessarily rely on other platform facilities. If you're only using SOCKS v4 features I'd be surprised if there's *anything* else in the platform the SOCKS server interacts with once it's running. SOCKS v5 adds some authentication methods that would let you link it to the Cygwin Kerberos stuff, but Windows provides that just as well, so I don't see the advantage.

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