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ssh slow login due to "USERDOMAIN" being set?


I'm experiencing long delays (~10 seconds) when I try to login into a server running cygwin 1.7.13 using ssh. The symptoms are basically the same as described here:

I somehow have the feeling that it is network related, more specifically the problems appeared (if I remember correctly) after I changed the computer name of the server.

cygcheck -srv now prints

HOSTNAME = 'loker-it'

The server is a rented root server and is NOT in a domain. Originally the name was 'RS200313', but I renamed it (in Windows' Advanced System Settings -> Computer Name) to 'loker-it'. I have the feeling that cygwin thinks the server is in a domain. How can I tell cygwin not to set USERDOMAIN? And while we're at it: how can I set COMPUTERNAME? Can I simply export the variable?

Please let me know if you need more information.

Thanks for your answers!

Andre Loker

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