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Re: ssh slow login due to "USERDOMAIN" being set?

Am 09.04.2012 20:15, schrieb Larry Hall (Cygwin):
On 4/9/2012 1:44 PM, Andre Loker wrote:

The server is a rented root server and is NOT in a domain. Originally the
name was 'RS200313', but I renamed it (in Windows' Advanced System Settings
-> Computer Name) to 'loker-it'. I have the feeling that cygwin thinks the
server is in a domain. How can I tell cygwin not to set USERDOMAIN? And
while we're at it: how can I set COMPUTERNAME? Can I simply export the

No. These come from Windows, so you want to make the changes there. Perhaps this link will help some?


It's totally embarrassing, but restarting the server solved the problem. Doh!

Apparently I didn't restart the server after renaming it and as a result cygwin got the two names mixed up. I had made sure to double check the Window settings and they showed the expected values. My excuses for not trying the obvious and thanks a lot for the answer.


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