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Re: Problem starting an executable from SSH

On 4/9/2012 4:35 PM, Jacques Guillou wrote:

I have some trouble using SSH to remotely start an executable on a
Windows XP which is running SSHD on Cygwin.
If I log into the windows machine using a simple "$ ssh
username@machine_name" command and then start the executable from the
BASH in interactive mode, then everything is fine, but I would
actually like to start the executable directly from the SSH
command-line with the following command:
$ echo "myExecutable" | ssh username@machine_name "bash -s"
The problem is that, in that case, my executable (a C/C++ compiler ".exe" file)
starts successfully but then reports a failure during the check of the
validity of the license.

So my questions:
  - What actually happens when I log with SSH into a Cygwin machine ?
What scripts are started after the authentication has succeeded ?
  - What could explain that the behavior of my executable is not the
same in both situations (started from interactive BASH session, or
started directly as input of "bash -s") ?

According to the 'ssh' manpage:

     If command is specified, it is executed on the remote host instead of a
     login shell.

Since you've specified 'bash -s', the statement above applies.  Add '-l' and
see if that helps.



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