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Re: using a makefile to create an executable file

This is a question that would be better posted to a programing forum like CodeGuru Non Visual C++ Issues.

You will need to post the entire output from make. It may be easier to compile and build the application from the command line without using make since make adds an additional level of errors that can occur.

If you find that the problem is from a missing cygwin component, than that is something you could get help with here.


samuel.roy wrote:

Hello, I am very new to Cygwin and have little to no experience with programming. My professor gave me code for a landscape evolution modeling program written in C++. I am trying to compile the program so that I can run it as an executable file through the command prompt on my Windows machine. He wrote the code on a mac, but he says that it can be compiled on a pc when using Cygwin. I installed Cygwin version 1.7.5 (according to the website) with devel (in order to get the make utility and to be compatible with gcc and g++). I am trying to use the make tool to compile the code from a given make file ( which is supposed to compile a laundry list of scripts included in the uploaded zip file. When I run: make -f

from the source directory, it begins to compile but catches on a warning:
A problem arises when the makefile script gets to tmesh.cpp, line 3982:3,
with the warning "the address of triVal will never be NULL".
Make then fails to create an executable file: "make *** [childInterface.o]
Error 1".
The line in question from tmesh.cpp is:  "if(&triVal == 0 ) return 0;".

As I mentioned previously, I have no experience with programming and my only
intent here is to be able to create an executable file from the given code
and makefile. I noticed that a cmake file is also present, but I am unable
to get that to work and understand it even less. Does anyone have any
suggestions on how to successfully use Cygwin to create an exe file from the
given C++ code?

Thank you for your time,

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