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Re: Some context is being stripped and I don't know how to create it to avoid "error while loading shared libraries: ?: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" problem

On 4/10/2012 6:15 PM, Richard Troy wrote:

Hello All,

some oh, ten years ago or so I ran into this problem and thought I had it
licked wherein I'm launching Cygwin's bash utility (and from it another
program compiled under Cygwin) from Java. However, while the same code
works on every other version of Windows I can remember trying, it seems to
have returned for Windows 7. Either that, or I've forgotten some small
configuration fix!

I've searched the archives and found nothing pertinent so I entered a
question about this on Stackoverflow - could save some writing here to
just reference that:


I doubt very much this has anything to do with the Cygwin version, but
I'll provide whatever data anyone asks for. However, some things cygcheck
reports that caught my eye are to be found below. One notable thing is
apparent "orphaned Cygwin installations" - but I don't recall ever making
true installations in the locations claimed! (Maybe cygwin1.dll makes
these from wherever it's used?)

The orphaned installations represent places where cygwin1.dlls are or were. You want to make sure you clean them up. No reason to leave around orphans to trip and fall on. Also, since you're running 7 versions behind, updating is recommended but, as you say, not obviously your problem. Still, no reason not to be thorough in your testing. I would say, though, that it makes sense to test that the environment you expect to see is what you're getting when you invoke bash. How about if you invoke "env" from "cmd /c" instead of your program and send the output to a file you can inspect?

If any or all of the above doesn't enlighten, I'd recommend cygcheck output
accompany any follow-up here.



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