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Re[2]: Win2000 compatibility

Hi, Christopher,

Friday, April 13, 2012, 6:18:11 AM, вы писали:
CF> On Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 07:19:07PM +0400, iggor wrote:
>>It appears that Cygwin SETUP.EXE at this time is uncompatible with
>>Windows 2000, since it uses function GetModuleHandleExA which leads to
>>error in searching entry point in kernel32.dll.  So, I cannot run setup
>>at all, even get help with option.  AFAIK, this function is absent in
>>all Win2k, not only my SP4, build 2195.

CF> I finally managed to check this on a virtual machine at home. At work I
CF> could only check the sources and import list for setup.exe to see if
CF> GetModuleHandleExA was referenced and I couldn't see any sign of it.
CF> And, unsurprisingly, when I try setup.exe at home under W2K it does work
CF> fine under Windows Service Pack 4.

CF> If you're having problems it seems like you either have an old version
CF> of setup.exe or a non-Cygwin version of setup.exe.

Thank you! I checked the issue on other machine with Win2000 and there
SETUP runs Ok. I'll check my environment for the cause, but CygWin is

Best regards,

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