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Re: Installation / download issues

On Sat, Apr 14, 2012 at 11:01:57AM -0700, Richard Troy wrote:
>...During an exchange on a completely unrelated topic:
>[most of another rant snipped]
>As you want a bug report, I think I saved the logs, so maybe that's still
>possible, though I was under the impression that they got overwritten on
>subsequent tries; I _think_ I may have saved the logs from the first
>attempt on this latest cycle last Tuesday night. I'll try and dig into it
>tomorrow AM over coffee and if it's still available, I'll log a bug. As
>I'm not a Cygwin committer, is submitting here, on-list, sufficient, or
>where do you want me to enter it officially? "Problem reports" url cited

Obviously you are not a Cygwin committer.  I'd hope that someone with
commit privileges would be taking a proactive role in fixing bugs rather
than ranting about them.  If you are a programmer, however, then patches
are always welcome.  For setup.exe, those patches would go to the
cygwin-apps mailing list.

Otherwise, yes, of course, I'd want anyone reporting a problem to use
the guidelines at .  That's the whole
point of having a link at the bottom of every message.

You might also pay particular attention to the link near the beginning
of that page which talks about asking smart questions.


setup.exe has seen a lot of development in the last year so, although
there are no guarantees that anything will be fixed, it's possible that
someone might want to look into any issue that you report.

I can guarantee that there won't be any fixes whatsoever coming if the
best you can do is rant about past issues, claim that other people have
problems too, and protest your loyalty to the project.  Those are all
irrelevant to getting a problem fixed.


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