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Re: 1.7.11: Ctrl-C does not work in bash shell (Win7)

Buchbinder, Barry (NIH/NIAID) [E] wrote:

Spackmann, Richard M. sent the following at Tuesday, April 03, 2012 2:18 PM
When I open up a cygwin command line bash shell and I notice now that
Ctrl-C does not exit out from the current command prompt to start a new

Ctrl-C will however exit a running process.

Is this to be the behavior from now on, or is a
reoccurrence of the possible bug as reported in

If so, when is the next cygwin bug release due out?

I am running Windows 7 and just upgraded to 1.7.11 - attached is the
output of cygcheck.

I think that it may be bash, not cygwin. Bash does not exit with ^C, but will with ^D.

See SIGNALS in man bash. (A feature, not a bug.)

---- It's not that it should exit -- but it used to abort the input of the current line, and give you a new one --

	I managed to find a combination of stty settings that worked
around it with a side effect of killing any window I press control-C
in if a program is 'stuck'... i'm running bash inside of 'console.exe',
and if I have a program that hangs, pressing control-c kills the prog,
bash and the window -- well -- at least it kills it -- not an idea

I stuck "stty echoctl ignbrk" in my .bashrc, to get the current behavior
which results in bash reverting to it's normal behavior (controlC aborts
current line or kills a shell script waiting for input...), with
the side effect noted above...

Hopefully it will get fixed...

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