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Re: Can RPM packages be installed into Cygwin?

On 4/18/2012 2:30 PM, Earnie Boyd wrote:
On Wed, Apr 18, 2012 at 2:21 PM, De-Jian Zhao wrote:

Thank you, Christopher. Is there a way to export the package info or lib info of setup.exe to rpm? If they can share information, the problem will be easily solved.

You can always read the source code to determine how to read the package info of setup.exe.

Or in other words, there is nothing that currently exists that translates setup's view of this information to RPMs or vice-versa.

Besides, I tried --nodeps option with src.rpm. It requires root privilege
(see below). However, "sudo rpm" and "su root" both failed to work. Any way
to fix it? Does Cygwin has a root user?

It would be the Windows administrator user. You probably need to execute mkpasswd. See and search for passwd on the page.

Actually, that's not 100% true, though mapping "root" to the Administrator's SID in the '/etc/passwd' file might work in this case. 'mkpasswd' won't generate a 'root' user by default. In any case, I'd ask first why DJ thinks that root is actually required. I don't see anything in the output that says this.



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