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Re: Can RPM packages be installed into Cygwin?

On 4/18/2012 12:21 PM, De-Jian Zhao wrote:
Is there a way to export the package info or lib
info of setup.exe to rpm? If they can share information, the problem
will be easily solved.

Big "if".

I said it before, but a .src.rpm built for one Linux distribution typically will not just recompile as-is on another Linux. Expecting effortless portability to an entirely different platform like Cygwin is a pipe dream.

You seem to be envisioning a world where the RPM spec file says it requires or whatever, and that someone has ported that to Cygwin. Then all you'd need to do is change RPM so it knows how to mung file names to cygfoo-1.2.3.dll or whatever.

That *could* happen.

What actually happens more commonly is:

- The Fedora spec file says it depends on the foo-devel package, which contains the .so file in question.

- The SuSE spec file says it depends on the foo-shared-lib package instead, because that's what the same package is called there.

- The Repoforge spec file depends on the platform spec file, but also on a passel of other infrastructure that has no direct correspondence to anything else, and without it it won't even rebuild on supported platforms.

- The third-party spec file which was built to support the first-party foo package from the upstream vendor (as opposed to the version in the distro) says it depends on the first-party foo-community-shared package.

So, which one should this mythical Cygwin .pkg -> RPM DB tool convert the dependencies to?

The first scenario above also ignores versioning issues.

This mythical automatic package porting tool you imagine cannot be magicked into existence with a "But if you just..." observation. There is no "just". It would probably take more work to build the automatic dependency translation tool than to just manually port everything.

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