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Re: Change dark blue terminal colour

On 4/20/2012 1:26 PM, Dotan Cohen wrote:
Hello all, I am a new Cygwin user. I have been looking online for a
way to change the default ANSI BLUE to CYAN, as it is very difficult
to see on the black terminal background. However, all I have been able
to find were suggestions to use Putty's terminal or Console 2 instead
of Cygwin's terminal. Is there no way to make this change in Cygwin's
terminal? A simple .bashrc .vimrc or .dir_colors change is not
appropriate as I often SSH into many other machines, not all of which
I can play with the bash or VIM colours.

If you're using mintty, edit ~/.minttyrc or change directly through the "Options" dialog in the System menu. If you're using cmd.exe (you should update), change the colors through the "Properties" and "Default" dialogs in the System menu.



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