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Re: Why /usr/bin/*.dll must be executable?

On 4/20/2012 6:10 PM, Mike Kaganski wrote:

Any code that may be executed (directly or indirectly) must have "x" under
*nix. Windows had tried to make somewhat similar (with the same security
concerns in mind) in its NT family, but it had to deal with file systems
that have no notion of "executability" (FAT), so the notion was introduced
in NTFS, but is not honored (thus, "execute" ACL permission is useless in

Huh? It is honored on NTFS. I'm assuming that's what you meant.

As Cygwin tries to emulate *nix, I suppose, it explicitly checks executable
bit on loading files. So it's not correct to state that "this is completely
Windows loader thing", but this thing is conceptually correct, so live with it.

As I said before, Cygwin doesn't run executables. Cygwin is not an O/S. Windows is the O/S. It has the job of running executables, loading them, following any dependencies (DLLs), and loading those. While Cygwin does emulate POSIX permissions using Windows ACE/ACLs, it is up to Windows to enforce these permissions. But setting permissions is not the same as having some control over the loading executables. Sorry.



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