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Re: Building for nocygwin

On 23/04/2012 9:56 AM, Michel Bardiaux wrote:

That is the "general solution".  The error message was appropriate and gave a clue.  Beyond that
you'll need to communicate a patch to the maintainers of the package that is still using -mno-cygwin.
Let me rephrase.

gcc-3 -mno-cygwin -o foo.exe foo.c

under cygwin, works to create a windows executable that does not reference the cygwin dlls. (provided of course that foo.c does not call any APIs that can only be provided by cygwin, like fork). That *was* a general solution.

What is the equivalent using gcc-4 under cygwin?
The -mno-cygwin option was a dirty, half-broken hack that was replaced by a proper cross-compiler starting with gcc-4. If you want to compile an app under cygwin that doesn't depend on cygwin at runtime, you should install and use the mingw-targeted cross compiler that exists precisely for that purpose (it's available in setup.exe). If you don't know what a cross-compiler is, or how to specify one to ./configure, then Google it (it's not a cygwin-specific thing). If your project of choice doesn't support cross compiling, file a bug with the maintainers or, in the unlikely case that the project doesn't use POSIX features, set CC to the mingw compiler.


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