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Re: SSHD /var/empty must be owned by root

This is solved me.
I only created /var/empty with login in sshd. Only this needed.
And I wrote inside win service sshd username and passwd.


2012/4/24 Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin>:
> On Apr 24 09:10, Gyurmo wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have:
>> [code]
>> $ /usr/sbin/sshd.exe -D
>> /var/empty must be owned by root and not group or world-writable.
> Why don't you run sshd as a service? ÂThat's what the ssh-host-config
> script is for. ÂThe above call from the command line does not allow to
> login with another account than the one sshd has been started under.
> Usually sshd tests if /var/empty is owned by uid 0. ÂOn Cygwin, where
> there's usually no user with uid 0, the code has been modified to test
> if /var/empty is owned by the user running sshd. ÂSo, if you start sshd
> on the command line, you have to chown /var/empty to the current user
> account. ÂSame goes for the ssh-related files under /etc. ÂThe error
> message is the vanilla upstream error message. ÂIt hasn't been changed
> for Cygwin to keep the Cygwin-related upstream patchset small.
> Corinna

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