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Re: Problems with nfs

On 24.04.2012 18:11, Corinna Vinschen wrote:

An NFS client is a filesystem driver. There are companies providing such NFS clients, one of them Microsoft with SFU on pre-Vista and the NFS client in Vista/W7 Ultimate/Enterprise. Corinna

BTW, IIRC in Cygwin we can mount SMB/CIFS shares using 'smbfs' in the fstab. Why can't we do the same for NFS?
And second point. Of course we can use SFU client, but there'll be one problem. It won't expose symlinks etc correctly, because it's Windows native thing. I think would be nice to have a complete VFS layer in the Cygwin for such things.
In fact this is why i use Cygwin at all - i want to cross-build Linux stuff and sometimes i need to run ARM board with root over NFS. I would love to use MinGW (much faster) but it won't allow me to have all the stuff (symlinkis, /dev nodes, etc) on my HDD. And i don't want to cope with virtual machine because it's not so comfortable. Additionally with MinGW i won't be able to cross-build Linux kernel because some freak thought that having filenames with only case difference (ip_conntrack.h and ip_CONNTRACK.h) is a funny idea...

 Kind regards
 Pavel Fedin
 Expert engineer, Samsung Moscow research center

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