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Re: Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Updated: rebase-4.1.0-1

Am 27.03.2012 10:36, schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
> On Mar 26 22:59, Ryan Johnson wrote:
>> On 26/03/2012 9:40 PM, Jason Tishler wrote:
>>> New News:
>>> === ====
>>> I have updated the version of rebase to 4.1.0-1.  The tarballs should be
>>> available on a Cygwin mirror near you shortly.
>>> The following are the changes since the previous release:
>>>     * Add rebase/rebaseall touch file (i.e., -t option) support.
>>>     * Add rebaseall setup (i.e., -p option) support.
>>>     * Add .oct to the default rebaseall suffix list.
>> I've been meaning to ask... but maybe the above-mentioned -p flag
>> obsoletes it now: What's the most efficient way to rebase after
>> running setup? We've had the rebase db for a while now, so running
>> rebaseall seems like overkill. Only the newly downloaded dlls need
> Now that the new rebase is out, I'm going to create an _autorebase
> package which will automatically call rebaseall at the end of a
> successful run of setup, if that run also updated existing DLLs or
> came with new DLLs.
> In some cases this might take two minutes or so at the end of a setup
> run, but at least we should see less rebase problems in future.
> The most efficient way would be to change rebaseall so that only
> DLLs are given to rebase which are updated or new.  But rebaseall
> would still have to search the files in /etc/setup.  And rebase
> still opens every DLL in the DB and from the command line to see
> if the DB and reality are still in sync, and to decide which DLLs
> have to be rebased and which are not.  So I'm not sure you can
> make it much faster, unless you make the algorithm in rebase itself
> faster.  You're welcome to send patches to the cygwin-apps list.
> I'm pretty sure there is room for improvement.
> Needless to say that the ultimately most efficient way would be
> to find a method to avoid rebase problems after fork at all.  The
> last attempt at it looked promising at first, but then again...
> Corinna

Thanks for your great work on the CygWin distribution.

I've installed CygWin in the root directory "C:\Program Files
(x86)\CygWin" (I know that it's not recommended to use spaces in the
directory names), but my installation worked so far.

I'd like to suggest a minor change when calling the _autorebase package.
As far as I could see setup.exe calls
'cmd.exe /c C:\Program Files
(x86)\CygWin\etc\postinstall\autorebase.bat'. This command fails because
of the spaces in the directory name. It would be great if the command
following the /c switch could be enclosed into double quotes and the
command would succeed.

Thanks in advance.

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