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Re: peflags warning and tsaware flags

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> The warning might be a bit misleading.  What it really tries to tell you
> is that the file in question is not an executable (*.exe).  The tsaware
> flag has no meaning for DLLs, it's only evaluated in headers of
> executables.

That explains a lot more than that warning message, thank you.

> The reason that many DLLs in the distro have the tsaware flag set is
> because gcc doesn't differ between creating executables or DLLs, it will
> add the flag unconditionally.
> So, nobody keeps you from adding the tsaware flag to all DLLs, but it
> will neither help nor hurt.

So DLL and other dynamic objects should not have it set (even though it
doesn't hurt), while "true" executables should have it to run umimpeded
on a terminal server?  Or are there Cygwin applications that should not
have that flag set?

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