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find.exe vs. cmd.exe dir command vs. filesystem object in vbs script

I have a system that makes use of a number of directories which
contain hundreds of thousands of files.

I know this is a bad design. I inherited it.

The sheer number of files in the directories makes it very difficult
to do simple things using cygwin.

For example the find command takes a very long time to start
outputting filenames.

However, in a cmd.exe window, the dir.exe command immediately starts
outputting files.

I would like to find out which api calls the CMD dir.exe command is
using vs. the cygwin find.exe program.

In the end I want to build an efficient delete files utility based on
date, type, etc. I also need to compare files in the filesystem with
references in a database

I am starting to think that I should use the CMD dir.exe command and
by parsing its output, take appropriate action.

Performance is further hampered by the files residing on a SAN.

Any thoughts / suggestions?


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