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Re: The "date" command is giving wrong results.

On Apr 27 10:46, wrote:
> On 26 Apr 2012 10:03:20 Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> >What's your Windows timezone set to (the actual timezone text in the
> >"Date and Time" control panel?  And what is Cygwin's $TZ set to?
> In Windows my Time-zone is  (GMT -04:30)Caracas
> In cygwin: 
> $ echo $TZ
> Asia/Yakutsk
> >From where Cygwin gets such time-zone I can't imagine.

Me neither.  I tried to change the Windows timezone to Caracas as well,
and the tzset tool correctly returned "America/Caracas", on XP as well
as on W7.  When yu open the "Regional and Language Options" control
panel, what is the "Location field set to?

> What is the proper solution?, to $TZ in the profile?. 

Usually it's automatically set via a call to the tzset tool in
/etc/profile.d/ or /etc/profile.d/tzset.csh.

In your case, maybe you should just set TZ to the right value in
your user profile.

However, if you feel up to the task, you might consider to debug
the tzset tool with GDB.  It's not an overly complicated tool and
it would be interesting to learn why it sets TZ to "Asia/Yakutsk".


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