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Re: [PATCH] root-uid: new module

On 6/26/2012 8:18 PM, Eric Blake wrote:
> Broadening the question, does the cygwin community have advice on the
> best implementation of a function that returns true if the argument is a
> uid with full privileges (for example, if the uid is a member of the
> Administrator group, and can therefore read files in spite of chown()
> disabling all the read permissions)?  We're trying to improve gnulib
> (and therefore coreutils, findutils, tar, ...) to use an
> implementation-appropriate check rather than the more traditional
> hard-coded check of uid==0, since that doesn't quite work everywhere.

There is some support code for doing various Win32-related group/user
analysis like this in cygwin's login package.  The files you'd be
interested in -- winsec.c and winpriv.c, along with test_winsec.c --
were written by Chris Rodgers, me, and I'm sure Corinna contributed a
few patches along the way.  Those three files are under slightly
different licenses, but are MIT/X-ish.


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