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Re: cygwin 1.7.15: svn disk I/O error

David Rothenberger writes:
> Strange. It works for me and the ldd output for _Core.dll is reasonable.

What version of autotools, swig etc. are you using?  The only swig
wrappers that work for me are those for Python.  Both Ruby and Perl seem
to die on those strangely non-functional DLL the build has produced.
Ruby had an additional problem: it was looking for the libraries in a
directory .ext, but the build put them into .libs.  A symlinked fixed
that, but then the DLL could not be loaded anyway...

> Yaakov's changes worked for me.

Yes, there must be some difference in how the build got configured.
Anyway, it seems that your new build will be available much faster than
any attempt by me to find and fix those differences.

> Anyway, I'll have a new release available shortly built against the
> latest SQLite package, so others that want to use TortoiseSVN can try it.

Thank you.

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