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Re: Where can I find the official cygwin openssh documentation?

Christopher, et al --

...and then Christopher Faylor said...
% On Sun, Dec 02, 2012 at 11:50:08AM -0500, Mike Richardson wrote:
% >I'm trying to set up an openssh server on Windows using cygwin.  I
% The "recommended" procedure is to follow the defaults when running those
% scripts unless you have specific needs which require something
% different.

I don't know that I need anything different, but I've had trouble with
sshd ever since Vista.  I'm still nailing down the details for a proper
trouble report, but I'm currently wrestling with a Win 7 laptop and have
only gotten as far as running as my privileged "root" account -- which
means I can only log in as root rather than switching.  I miss the very
explicit step-by-step third-party documentation that has gone dark :-(

More to come when, again, I can put together a coherent account, but I'd
sure love to see some advice on the matter!

% There is Cygwin-specific documentation in
% /usr/share/doc/Cygwin/openssh.README.

Been there :-(

David T-G

I appreciate everyone's individual tactic in the Spam Wars, but I just
don't have the time or energy to captcha or register or whatever to be
able to send you email.

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