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Re: Where can I find the official cygwin openssh documentation?

Christopher, thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction
for the official documentation -- it was very helpful.

I see why these step-by-step openssh+cygwin guides appearing on the
Internet are annoying to you and other cygwin experts -- not only
should they be unnecessary, but they also contain false and misleading
information. When they fail, people then come and post on this mailing
list annoying the experts, or give up, or have to spend a lot longer
trying to figure out the problem.

Thus I make this suggestion: can we put this openssh+cygwin
documentation up on the cygwin web site?  When people are looking for
documentation, it is generally the case they use a web search engine.
Because this documentation doesn't appear on the cygwin web site,
Google returns these step-by-step guides as the top hits.   Thus it's
the first and sometimes the only documentation people use on the

On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 4:28 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> And, FYI, most of those step-by-step guides that I am aware of were just
> wrong.  The whole point of a setup script is to set-up-ssh.  If
> something isn't working then it's a bug to be reported and worked on.
> You can see many cases of Corinna changing the script when people report
> problems.  The step-by-step guides should not be necessary.
> And, before anyone has an indignant reply to this, I'll say it again: If
> the setup scripts didn't work work for you then they can be fixed.  A
> step-by-step guide is a band-aid.

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