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Re: Where can I find the official cygwin openssh documentation?

I agree with Mike.  Cygwin should be the authoritative source.

> Christopher, thanks very much for pointing me in the right direction
> for the official documentation -- it was very helpful.
> I see why these step-by-step openssh+cygwin guides appearing on the
> Internet are annoying to you and other cygwin experts -- not only
> should they be unnecessary, but they also contain false and misleading
> information. When they fail, people then come and post on this mailing
> list annoying the experts, or give up, or have to spend a lot longer
> trying to figure out the problem.
> Thus I make this suggestion: can we put this openssh+cygwin
> documentation up on the cygwin web site?  When people are looking for
> documentation, it is generally the case they use a web search engine.
> Because this documentation doesn't appear on the cygwin web site,
> Google returns these step-by-step guides as the top hits.   Thus it's
> the first and sometimes the only documentation people use on the
> subject.
> On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 4:28 PM, Christopher Faylor wrote:
> >
> > And, FYI, most of those step-by-step guides that I am aware of were just
> > wrong.  The whole point of a setup script is to set-up-ssh.  If
> > something isn't working then it's a bug to be reported and worked on.
> > You can see many cases of Corinna changing the script when people report
> > problems.  The step-by-step guides should not be necessary.
> >
> > And, before anyone has an indignant reply to this, I'll say it again: If
> > the setup scripts didn't work work for you then they can be fixed.  A
> > step-by-step guide is a band-aid.
> >

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