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Re: Where can I find the official cygwin openssh documentation?

Christopher & Adam, et al --

...and then Adam Dinwoodie said...
% > However, if you type "cygwin openssh documentation" into google then
% how-tos.  I don't find the Cygwin FAQ until half-way down the second
% page of results; if I wasn't looking for it explicitly, I'd personally
% have given up long before then to play around with the unofficial
% how-tos.

Agreed, not least since I would have searched for

  cygwin sshd configuration

and similar, always having "sshd" and probably not ever thinking to
include "openssh".  But if there were a bunch of Google hits against,
say, the mailing list for lots of questions like this (because there
are lots of ways to search) and similar all pointing back to a lovely
doc set then I'd find the right place eventually.  And it's not like
this hasn't been a long-standing topic with lots of inquiries, after

And, agreed, the config scripts should "just work"; I'd much rather NOT
have to hunt and poke and prod and ask and dig to get this stuff working
but happily move right along.

Thanks again & Happy Holidays

David T-G

I appreciate everyone's individual tactic in the Spam Wars, but I just
don't have the time or energy to captcha or register or whatever to be
able to send you email.

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