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Re: isatty gives wrong result via ssh

On Dec  3 14:50, Konstantin Kouptsov wrote:
> >> Presumably, here, I should be using a Unix-like console control
> >> interface, and link against ncurses port, provided with Cygwin.
> > 
> > You can't link Cygwin libs against native Windows applications.
> > They require the Cygwin DLL to run.
> Is there a way to compile a dynamic library from within Cygwin (using gcc etc.), which itself would use the Cygwin DLL, ncurses port ans whatever else it needs, but which would have an interface so that a native Windows app would be able to load it?

As cgf mentioned, no.  And in a way it doesn't make sense.  If you link
against Cygwin libs, why don't you just create a Cygwin application
(apart from the obvious licensing issues)?

What you *can* do is to find a native ncurses implementation on the net,
or, which is much less work and just a little bit more effort code-wise,
use some libtermcap with a termcap file.  Building libtermcap natively
should be pretty simple anyway.


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