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Re: Updated: emacs*-24.2.90-1 (TEST)

On 12/6/2012 3:21 AM, Achim Gratz wrote:
Ken Brown <kbrown <at>> writes:
Thanks to the efforts of Daniel Colascione, there is also a new package

*** emacs-w32-24.2.90-1,

again a test release, for users who want to use the native Windows GUI
for display.

I've encountered only one problem so far:

If I start emacs-w32 from a mintty without launching dbus-daemon first and use
any command that should bring up a dialog box, then Emacs hangs up hard and
can't even be killed from Cygwin.  You have to end its misery from the task

emacs-w32 shouldn't require dbus-daemon, as far as I know. This sounds like a bug. Could you give me a specific recipe for reproducing the problem? And it couldn't hurt to send cygcheck output also.

manager (the Gtk build will also hang up on you in a slightly different way
after you close the dialog box it has shown).  I believe this is related to pipe
handling as you'll get messages about broken pipes sometimes.

Again, please send a recipe for producing the problem with the Gtk build.

Anyway, since it's not obvious that and why emacs-w32 would need dbus to
function I thought I should mention it here.  I would prefer if it was only
needed for the Gtk build, otherwise I'll have to come up with a wrapper script
that ensures dbus is started.

If it turns out to be necessary, which I doubt, you can simply put the following in your .bashrc (assuming you use bash as your shell):

if [ -z "$DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS" ] ; then
    eval `dbus-launch --sh-syntax`


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