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Re: Bug in Cygwin Windows 8 group permissions

On 12/6/2012 3:15 PM, Chaz Littlejohn wrote:
On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 10:46 AM, Chaz Littlejohn wrote:

Wanted to check to see if you were aware of this permissions bug when
using Cygwin in Windows 8:

I was hoping I could run chgrp and chmod like the workaround
described, but chgrp only works if the full Cygwin is installed on
your system. We bundle several of the Cygwin utilities (rsync.exe,
cypath.exe, ssh.exe, ssh-keygen.exe) in with our application rather
than forcing users to install Cygwin. This had been working for all
Windows versions up until Windows 8.

Do you know when a fix would be available?

Cleared things up with the licensing folks. We'll be updating our terms and linking to the proper source files shortly.

This may just be a problem in terminology but if you're planning to only provide a link to Cygwin's site/source, this will not be compliant with GPL license. You have to provide the source for the specific binaries you're distributing. Obviously, the versions may be different than whatever is available from the Cygwin site, which is why a simple link/pointer is not sufficient.

-- Larry


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