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Re: Updated: emacs*-24.2.90-1 (TEST)

Ken Brown writes:
> I'm not sure about the dbus-launch issue, since I always use bash.
> But here's the output I get from `dbus-launch --csh-syntax':
> unix:path=/tmp/dbus-wCGlBfQgo6,guid=f3e1dad82fc7ce9eff209b9300000000';
> What's the problem with that?  As I understand csh syntax, the second
> line sets a variable but doesn't export it.  Do you have some reason
> to think that's the wrong thing to do?  If so, it's a D-bus issue and
> should be reported in a different thread.

I was under the impression that the second variable also needed to be in
the environment, but its apparently not used by libdbus.  So please

> I don't see the issue here.  I said in the release announcement that
> you need to have a D-Bus daemon running before starting emacs-X11
> under X.

On all other system Emacs successfully finds an existing or autolaunches
a new dbus session in this case and doesn't hang with no way to even
kill it (yes, task manager will do it eventually, but that is from
outside Cygwin).  The problem is not that it does need dbus, but that it
actually starts without it but will then not be working correctly.
Whether this is an issue with Emacs, Cygwin or libdbus I don't know.

>> One other thing: how to tell this emacs apart from the Gtk build so that
>> I can switch the default font for each?
> I'm out of time right now, but I'll be able to answer this later.
> Just to make sure I understand, you want to be able to do this in your
> ~/.emacs, right?

Yes, either that or via site-init.el.  Currently when it reads in the
customization it finds a default font that doesn't make any sense in
Win32 and it ends up using Arial (probably because its the first on the
list, so it seems it doesn't even bother to look for a fixed-width
font).  Trying to set the font on the command line doesn't seem to work
or gets later overridden by customization (I haven't had the time to
debug this yet).

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