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Re: Updated: emacs*-24.2.90-1 (TEST)

Daniel Colascione writes:
>>> Open another mintty and try to kill the hanging emacs process from it.
> Works fine for me, albeit using kill -9, not regular kill. What
> exactly do you see?

The kill command (with -KILL or any other signal) never returns until I
terminate emacs from task manager.  I then often see some error message
about "broken pipe" in the mintty that issued the kill, presumably from
a failed attempt to connect to a dbus session via pipes.

> According to a message upthread, Emacs hangs hard
> any time you try to open a dialog box. Can you please attach gdb to
> Emacs when it's in this state and get a backtrace?

Will try later, I can't promise when I get to it.

Here's one other thing I forgot to mention: this emacs shows up in the
task pane with a generic icon, not as Emacs.

> If these problems persist, my first instinct would be to not support
> dbus in cygw32 builds of Emacs. People mostly use dbus to integrate
> components of a Unixish desktop environment, and I imagine users of
> cygw32 want to use Cygwin Emacs as part of a Windowsish desktop
> environment, which uses USER32 facilities to do what other
> environments do with dbus.

Turning the tables: what is dbus integration useful for in that build?
If it isn't something really compelling, then I'd think it should be
left out since this emacs will be most useful when no X session has been
started (and hence most likely no dbus either).  At least that is what I
am going to do.

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