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Re: Updated: emacs*-24.2.90-1 (TEST)

On 12/6/2012 4:37 PM, Achim Gratz wrote:
Ken Brown writes:
I don't see the issue here.  I said in the release announcement that
you need to have a D-Bus daemon running before starting emacs-X11
under X.

On all other system Emacs successfully finds an existing or autolaunches a new dbus session in this case and doesn't hang with no way to even kill it (yes, task manager will do it eventually, but that is from outside Cygwin). The problem is not that it does need dbus, but that it actually starts without it but will then not be working correctly. Whether this is an issue with Emacs, Cygwin or libdbus I don't know.

Emacs will *try* to autolaunch a D-Bus session if it doesn't find one, but this feature is broken in the emacs-24 branch (and the problem is not Cygwin-specific). This is Emacs bug #8855. It's been fixed in the trunk, but the fix is complicated and probably won't be backported to the emacs-24 branch. I didn't want to complicate the release announcement by giving all this information; I thought it would be enough to say, "... you should have a D-Bus session daemon running before starting emacs under X11."


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