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Re: Updated: emacs*-24.2.90-1 (TEST)

Ken Brown <kbrown <at>> writes:
> Emacs will *try* to autolaunch a D-Bus session if it doesn't find one, 
> but this feature is broken in the emacs-24 branch (and the problem is 
> not Cygwin-specific).  This is Emacs bug #8855.  It's been fixed in the 
> trunk, but the fix is complicated and probably won't be backported to 
> the emacs-24 branch.

OK, that explains why I don't see it on Linux, I'm currently using trunk there.

> I didn't want to complicate the release 
> announcement by giving all this information; I thought it would be 
> enough to say, "... you should have a D-Bus session daemon running 
> before starting emacs under X11."

Understood. s/should/must/

BTW, as noted elsewhere in the thread, the hang was apparently triggered by the
attempt to use an X11 font in the W32 build via custom-set-faces (due to the
fact that both builds used the same .emacs and customization), so it does not
happen with emacs -Q.  In fact, I've not been able to even try using that font
any other way so far, both "--font" and "--eval '(set-default-font" correctly
refuse to use this undefined font.  Why it manages to bypass that guard when
invoked via custom-set-faces I need to check again.


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