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Re: ctags recursion broken?

Hi - As a long-time user of Cygwin and Exuberant ctags, it seems that
the current version of ctags on Cygwin is broken.  Specifically,

> /bin/ctags -R .
/bin/ctags: skipping .: it is not a regular file.

Normally, ctags should recursively descend and process all files from
the current directory.  I downloaded version 5.8 of Exuberant Ctags
from and it works as expected.

Upon closer inspection, it appears that Cygwin has a different version
of ctags (not Exuberant Ctags!) that does not support recursion at
all!  Specifically,

> ctags -V
ctags (standalone 21.4.22)
Copyright (C) 2007 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
This program is distributed under the terms in ETAGS.README
> ctags --help
Usage: ctags [options] [[regex-option ...] file-name] ...

These are the options accepted by ctags.
You may use unambiguous abbreviations for the long option names.
  A - as file name means read names from stdin (one per line).
Absolute names are stored in the output file as they are.
Relative ones are stored relative to the output file's directory.
-R, --no-regex
        Don't create tags from regexps for the following files.

So the -R no longer means recursion, and there is no --recurse option.

Given that Exuberant Ctags is distributed under the GPL and is very
powerful, it seems that it would  be prudent to include it in Cygwin.
I could even volunteer to be the package maintainer, if desired.

How should we proceed?

Thank you,
Alan Thompson

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