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Re: emacs hangs when a sub-process goes defunct

And Ken Brown spoke unto the world. And said:
>On 12/6/2012 10:04 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
>>Your cygcheck output shows multiple cygwin1.dlls in your path.  The
>>first thing you should do is fix that.

Fixed - but didn't help.

>>If that doesn't solve the problem, please try the recently released
>>(test version) emacs-24.2.90-1.  And be sue to read the release
>>announcement, because there have been some changes:

That seems to be working - I've been running emacs-X11-24.2.90-1 for
more than 24 hours now without a glitch.

>BTW, can you explain why emacs had started a cygpath process?  There
>are very few places in the emacs code where this happens, and I don't
>see any connection with tramp.  But maybe I'm missing something.

Yes, cleardiff doesn't really work in cygwin so I'm using a wrapper
script that among other things converts the paths.

>And here's one other thing you can try.  Install the emacs-debuginfo
>package.  Then when emacs hangs, you can attach gdb and see if you
>can get a backtrace that might show where emacs is stuck.

I'm hoping that 24.2.90 is the way to go. Is there any point in
debugging the old version if the new one doesn't have the same problem?

Thanks for your excellent help!

Jonas Linde <>    +46-707-492496
GE/IT$ d-(+) s++: a+ C++(++++)$ UBVL++(++++)$ P+++ L+++$ E++ W++(-) N+
o-- K+ !w(+) O M@ V PS+ PE++(-) Y+ PGP+(++) t 5 X R-(+) tv--  b+>++ DI
D++ G+(-) e+++ h---- r++ y++++ UF+

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