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Re: Openssl program not compiling

>> This used to work in the past, there was no need to switch the order, but it fails now. Why?

> Because the new Windows headers from Mingw64 define X509_NAME and
> OCSP_RESPONSE, which the former Mingw32 Windows headers didn't.

Hi Corinna,

 ÂThank you for your reply. In this case, the reason for the #include <windows.h> and also <sys/cygwin.h> 
is because there is code in Alpine to login to the imap server. It uses calls such as cygwin_logon_user
and cygwin_set_impersonation_token. Actually the code is in the c-client library - a cygwin package - so that the imap server will be able to login a user. The c-client package does not build in cygwin because of that. I do need to include <openssl/crypt.h> too. As a result the c-client package needs to be patched for it to build. This was not needed in the past.

 ÂI can live with reversing the order of the includes, but would prefer the status quo if possible. Do I have to switch the includes permanently? Thank you.


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