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ps questions --

In the

message, I found

- Two changes in the `ps -W' output.  `ps -W' now prints all processes on
  the machine when running under an (elevated) administrator account,
  not only the processes in the current session.

Shouldn't the above restriction be documented in the `ps' man page?

Question1 - why the "administrative" restriction?  The normal user seems
to be able to run the Task Manager as him/herself and all of the running
processes are listed.  Is there a silent privilege escalation there
somewhere in the Task Manager process that allows the "full" listing?
I do note that the Task Manager seems to be able to kill just about any

Question2 - the UID of the Windows processes is listed as 0 in the
`ps -W' output so is there a way to acquire and print it?  Task Manager
does know the owner so there must be a Windows function to get it.

Question3 - the PPID of the Windows process is listed as 0 also.  I did
find some functions at Microsoft that could be used for that purpose.
Are they available within the Cygwin code?

I reference "Task Manager" but, unfortunately, its output is not easily
parsed (:@{).

--  Thanks,
--    Paul Townsend

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