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Re: Passing PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE env var from Cygwin sshd into my ssh session.

On 12/15/2012 4:43 PM, Oleksandr Gavenko wrote:
I setup VirtualBox and Windows in it and setup sshd under Cygwin.

Further development I perform in original Debian distro from ssh+Emacs+Cygwin.

I need to compile a project with native Scons+MSVC. To do this I installed
appropriated software and wrote batch-file wrapper (which setup PATH and other

Scons script fail at code that check PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE env var.

"set | grep PROCESSOR" is empty in my ssh session!

As workaround I just set this variable at my batch-file wrapper.

But I don't understand why this env var was not set. While many other
variables are set (like WINDIR, SYSTEMROOT, PROGRAMFILES).

Is that a bug?

No, it's a feature and a security one at that. Exposing allot of environment variables through sshd is a security hole. To plug it, only the minimum environment needed is provided. You can add to that with external scripts of your own.

How to make this variable be passed into my ssh session permanently but
without editing .bashrc?

I'd recommend a separate script that you can run after you login by some convenient means of your own choosing. This keeps it from cluttering up your .bashrc file. But that's just a suggestion.



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