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Your Christmas gift enclosed inside.

Everyone to get gifts. Certainly on Christmas.  So treat yourself this year and see who's admiring you?  What present will you choose?
I want to get my present!

What are you going to get today?

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  Paul Vidal, Paul Vidal (picture by Pierre Petit)Paul
 Antonin Vidal (16 June 18639
 April 1931) was a French composer, conductor and music teacher mainly active in Paris.), and later conducted the first performance of
 Ariane and the

 Paris premieres of Roma by Massenet, and L'tranger by dIndy. He co-founded the Concerts de lOpera with Georges Marty. He taught at the Paris Conservatoire, where his students included composers Marc Delmas, Jacques Ibert and Vladimir Fdorov. He died in Paris, aged 67.His brother Joseph Bernard Vidal (1859-1924) was

 also a composer. Compositions and pedagogyHis compositions are virtually
 forgotten today: they include the operas Eros (1892), Guernica (1895) and La Burgonde (1898); the ballet La Maledetta (1893); a cantata Ecce Sacerdos magnus; Fte russe (1893);
 and incidental music to Thodore de Banville's

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