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Re: "can't commit memory for stack" error with cygpath

On 12/18/2012 9:31 AM, Wojtek Lisowski wrote:

During the compilation of my library using MSVC the
"child_info_fork::abort: can't commit memory for stack 0x28A000(90112),
Win32 error 487" occured.
I have run rebase and I do not have any of the known software on BLODA.

I have isolated the issue to the simple makefile that calls "cygpath
-wa" on each object file to get the its Windows form.
When the number of files passed in for loop to cygpath is lower, it
works fine.

The makefile and the cygcheck output are attached for reference.

I couldn't reproduce the problem you had with this makefile. That suggests to me that there is some unknown BLODA on your system. I have 2 suggestions:

   1. Trim your path to those essential for Cygwin and Windows operation.
   2. Stop all non-essential services (Cygwin and Windows).

Try again in this configuration.



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