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Re: python2.6 appears to be missing _md5 module?

On 12/19/2012 4:56 PM, Paul Fredrickson wrote:
Hi cygwin developers,

Today I went to install the mercurial package, which depended on
python. It installed version 2.6.8-2 of python, but when I tried to
run "hg clone" it failed with a message "abort: no module named
_md5!". And indeed, if I simply started up python and tried things
like "import md5", "from hashlib import md5" or "import _md5" they all
fail with the same import error "No module named _md5".

If I install python 2.7.3-1, then the md5 issue goes away. That is, I
can import md5 in any of the ways I mention above (well, except as
"import _md5", but "import md5; m = md5.md5(); m.update('a');
m.hexdigest()" is functional.)

However, mercurial still fails. It appears to have hard-coded
references to the python2.6 versions.  (In /usr/bin/hg, it sets libdir
to "../lib/python2.6/site-packages"), and when I run "hg clone"; it fails with:

Fatal Python error: Interpreter not initialized (version mismatch?)
Aborted (core dumped)

Also, cygwin's setup now recommends that I "upgrade" my 2.7 back to
2.6, which works, but just returns me to the problem of a missing
_md5.  (It does have a and, but no _md5.*)

I don't have any insight into the python problems you're seeing but I can explain why "setup.exe" asks you to upgrade to 2.6 when you're at 2.7. 2.7 is, apparently, an experimental package. While "setup.exe" allows you to install this, when it does dependency checking, experimental versions are considered inferior to normal versions. So despite the fact that the version number for python is greater in the experimental package, you'll always be asked to upgrade to the normal released version. Like it or not (and of course you love it ;-) ), this is expected behavior for "setup.exe".

-- Larry


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