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Re: python2.6 appears to be missing _md5 module?

On 12/20/2012 9:33 AM, Paul Fredrickson wrote:
On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 8:24 PM, David Boyce <> wrote:

Well, it certainly isn't obvious to me how this applied to my situation: It only talks about building python, and I did not compile the cygwin version of python. In addition, I already had libopenssl100 (1.0.1c-2) installed (which you can see in the cygcheck.out I sent).

However, it turns out to be very close to what is actually wrong for
me. Thinking that I *would* have to compile the python project to find
out what was going wrong, I began installing a bunch of new packages
(gcc, gdb, git, etc).  Somewhere along the line I checked again and
noticed that the md5 module was working! Figuring you guys would like
to know exactly which package it was that fixed things for me, I
diff'ed my new cygcheck output with my original, and uninstalled the
new ones one-by-one until it broke again.  The offending package is
libopenssl098 (0.9.8x-1) (compat).  And indeed with only that package
added, mercurial works just fine now. (Yay)

So, it appears there is a package dependency between python2.6 and
libopenssl098 that is missing, but most people who need it get it
installed via some other package-dependency path. Very minor bug;
should I file a bug report somewhere? Or will someone here take it
from here?


the setup.ini correctly reports

requires: crypt libbz2_1 libdb4.5 libexpat1 libffi4 libgcc1 libgdbm4 libintl8 libncursesw10 libreadline7 libsqlite3_0 libopenssl098 zlib0

so it was a missing file on your side.


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